What our Customers are saying

My hair is pre-maturely gray so I have my hair colored twice a year and roots colored almost every month. These procedures dried my hair and weakened the roots due to exposure to chemicals .
I applied Lunas Scalp Tonic Oil generously to the roots, massaged it and left it for 4 hours.....

Kathy G. Chan
Wellness Hospitality Consultant

"I tried Luna's oils and right away I noticed a difference. Feels very moisturizing , my skin looks better and it feels very natural!"

James Rick Stinson
Personal Development Expert, Life Coach, and Business Strategist, www.jamesrick.com

"I've been using my Lunas products for a month now and I'm really so happy with them! I don't like spending that much time fussing over my face, so I'm thrilled to now have this simple but very effective regimen. The miracle facial elixir with its fresh scent is beautifully moisturizing and has seemed.....

Kat Rempe-Azanza
Owner, JUJU Eats, www.jujueats.com

"The hair and oil tonic is excellent as it help rejuvenate the hair follicles and scalp from strong shampoos as well from the heat of the sun. I never forget to put some after a shower. Massage oil was light not too greasy and doesnt leave a strong smell. I recommend it to people with dry and scaly.....

Dr Homer Lim
Integrative Oncology, Cancerhealerph.com

“As expert in Anti-Ageing and Preventive Medicine, I am careful with the products that I use. The face and neck elixir is the most important product I apply on my face. It’s quick absorbing, 100% botanical blend of superfood ingredients to nourish, hydrate, and repair the skin naturally"

Dr. Claude Chauchard
Anti-Ageing and Preventive Medicine Expert, La Clinique de Paris