For the Skin


  • Light and thin oil that will not leave any greasy feeling on the skin nor heavy on the hair.
  • Has low viscosity that is applied easily and evenly on skin
  • Non-comedogenic, easily absorbed due to low molecular structure.
  • Preservative-free with a very long shelf life.
  • Very stable and highly resistant to oxidation and peroxidation.
  • Contains multiple antioxidants, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti- fungal properties that make them self-preserving.
/ˈluːnəs/ n.
  • "Wholistic" skin food ingredients
  • Grounded on positive energies, perfectly engineered by nature
  • Skin freely breathes, easily assimilates with, and appreciates the harmony with its own structure so that it could happily thrive and bring out its best
  • Undisputed qualities – only from Virgin Coconut Oil and Moringa Oleifera Oil
/ˈluːnəs/ n.
  • Green products and pure nutrition for the skin
  • No colorant, no stabilizers, no preservatives or other forms of toxic ingredients and endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Uses only food supplement grade, 1st press, absolutely no heat (ANH) Virgin Coconut Oil for potent antioxidant effect
/ˈluːnəs/ n.
  • 100% Active Ingredients
  • Potent in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and natural antimicrobials to protect the skin free-radical damage that causes premature ageing
  • Contains powerful nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids vital for healthy skin, stronger connective tissues and cell repair
  • Ingredients are very much sought after abroad because of the functional benefits to the skin and overall health. It is considered and valued as liquid gold!
/ˈluːnəs/ n.
  • Pure, ethical, artisanal and preservative-free "superfood for the skin"
  • Uses planet-friendly ingredients - without any toxic, carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting synthetic chemicals.
  • Edible skin food product handcrafted by skilled artisans
  • No toxic wastes and less energy used during production
  • Not tested on animals
  • Only glass packaging - reusable and recyclable, is used in each product for a sustainable future
/ˈluːnəs/ n.

/ˈluːnəs/ n.

Lunas, means “remedy” or “relief” in Filipino and is a unique range of Philippine wellness product that pays homage to ancient healing and plant life force. Coconut “Tree of Life” and Moringa “Miracle Tree” has been known traditionally for healing.  Lunas Living Oils has combined these two oils together for a potent anti-ageing and remedy elixir for the skin.